Pawan Wants Lakshmi Narayana as Janasena’s CM Candidate?

According to political grapevine, Pawan Kalyan doesn’t want to be positioned himself as the CM candidate. Pawan Kalyan instead planning to rope in the former CBI Joint Director VV Lakshminarayana, an honest bureaucrat, as the CM candidate of Jansena. Pawan is keen to have someone who knows better than him for the CM candidate and hence thinking of announcing Lakshmi Narayana as the CM candidate. However, this is still under discussion stage and the talks are in nascent phase.

Although Pawan Kalyan wants Lakshminarayana as the CM candidate, not many in Janasena party are okay to Pawan’s proposal. Since Pawan is the face of Janasena, they want Pawan to be the CM candidate who also has huge following in masses unlike Lakshmi Narayana. Pawan is also now reconsidering the plan as he is expecting a flak from his hard-core fans as well who may not agree for Lakshminarayana as the Chief Minister candidate from Janasena.

Meanwhile, it is reliably learnt that Lakshminarayana’s entry into politics and Jansena political party is almost confirmed. Only after the talks are successful, Lakshmi Narayana said to have resigned his service – an Additional Director General of Police rank cadre in Maharashtra. He apparently belongs to Maurya community. Pawan is expecting that this move would also fetch support from Mauryas and other sub-sects of his community.

Buzz is that BJP is the brain behind this master plan to bring out Lakshminarayana into politics from Janasena. This is to target the ruling Chandrababu Naidu and an attempt to level serious allegations against him about “corruption”. Since Lakshmi Narayana is honest, sincere and even dealt Jagan’s disproportionate assets case, TDP can’t find a chance to counter if Lakshmi Narayana is in fray.

It needs to be seen how TDP would counter all the plans of BJP, Janasena in the days to come.