Pawan Warns Puri on Double Standards

Director Puri Jagannath adopts various kinds of tactics to elevate heroism in his flicks. Apparently his projects with heroes like Raviteja, Prabhas and recently Mahesh Babu are best examples. However, there will be a difference in Puri’s dealing of pawan kalyan as already seen in ‘Badri’ when compared to other super hit flicks of this director. Currently there is a strong gossip going around film circles that, Pawan has strictly warned Puri not to indulge in any sort of filthy or double meaning dialogues in their upcoming ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Ram Babu’ trying to bring the new standards in his heroism.
Given the nature of Puri to easily cross the border line as recently observed in dialogues of ‘Businessman,’ it looks as if Pawan surely do not want to make any of the family audiences get uncomfortable. However, it is natural that Pawan never ever entertains double standards in his flicks.