Pawan, What Is This? – Chandrababu

Chandrababu Naidu has responded to Pawan Kalyan’s accusations, allegations against TDP government, his son Nara Lokesh. In befitting counter, Naidu exposed Pawan Kalyan, his stand and his biggest ever u-turn.

Pawan’s Allegation : Nara Lokesh Involved in Corruption.

Chandrababu’s Counter : Nara Lokesh doesn’t need to join politics for money. He could make more money in business. Pawan’s allegations are baseless.

Pawan’s Allegation : TDP government is mired in lies. 

Chandrababu’s Counter : We never lied. All the facts are in public forums. We displayed the Centre’s funds and expenditures on website. After instituting Facts Finding Committee and finalizing that Centre owes the state 75,000 Crore and there is not a single word from Pawan about the funds in his speech. Why Pawan is silent on BJP’s injustice to AP? Why there was no topic about the funds to state in Pawan’s entire speech? Instead of questioning Centre, he is blaming me. This only proves he is favourable to Centre.

Media : Have you spoken to national political parties, other regional parties on No Confidence Motion?

Chandrababu :
 I have not spoken to any political party about No Confidence Motion so far as I’m not focusing on National Politics right now. But voluntarily, 9 political parties have come forward to support our No Confidence Motion. This shows our strength, integrity across the nation. As of now, my only agenda is to fight for the State and get the state its due from the Centre. I’m not looking up to national politics now.

Media : YSR Congress is accusing you of u-turn in No Confidence.

Chandrababu : How can we trust YSR Congress Party who is camping in Prime Minister’s Office on one side and claiming as moving No Confidence against PM. Vijay Sai Reddy was caught red handed waiting in PMO, pictures are all out. Hence, we decided to move our own No Trust Motion against BJP.