Pawan Wishes Renu Desai on Her Second Marriage

Even Indian movie stars also are behaving in a broad-minded way like their Hollywood counterparts do in the case of re-marriages or ex-life partners. Divorces and remarriages have become common feature in Indian movie industry. Pawan Kalyan married thrice. He divorced Renu Desai and married Anna Lezhneva and has two kids with her.

Renu Desai, his wife, will now be entering into new phase of life as she recently got engaged to a Pune based businessman. Although Pawan Kalyan’s fans are deeply hurt with their former ‘vadina’ getting remarried, Powerstar proved that he is a star with difference. He is matured enough to maintain good relations and friendship with mother of his two kids. He still regularly meets Renu Desai whenever his son or daughter celebrates their birthday.

As she recently got engaged and heading for remarriage, Pawan Kalyan wished her all the best in her new phase of life. Pawan Kalyan tweeted: “My wholehearted wishes to Ms. Renu garu for entering a new phase of happiness. I wish and pray Almighty & the Mother Nature to bestow upon her abundant health, peace and prosperity.”

Pawan Kalyan has two kids Akira and Aadya with Renu Desai and she got full custody powers of their kids. On the other hand, Pawan Kalyan and his current wife Anna have two kids.