Pawan, Yet Another Slip Of The Mouth?

In the four years that followed after 2014 election, Janasena Party president Pawan Kalyan never criticised TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu. Quite surprisingly, he made use of Janasena anniversary day to launch a scathing attack on Telugudesam and its leaders.

And what sounded more unrealistic are his allegations that Nara Lokesh is in a syndicate with former TTD member Sekhar Reddy in a multi-crore scam. Just two days after this speech, various accounts of the reasons behind this talk are given by none other Pawan Kalyan only. While speaking with a local youtube channel he stated that as all other people are alleging that TDP is into corruption, I too did the same. And confirmed that he has attacked the Telugudesam to appease those critics of him.

And now, speaking with national television, Pawan Kalyan puzzled everyone by revealing another angle behind his comments. “Nearly 40 TDP MLAs met me and told that Telugudesam government is entangled in corrupt practices. They have told me how the corruption is happening and also revealed that CM Naidu is aware of that. Now they want me to take this into public” he said.

That’s a shocking revelation yet again, as everyone is thinking who are those 40 MLAs who met Pawan Kalyan to talk about TDP’s corruption? Is there any truth in this or yet another slip of the mouth? That’s what we have to know in the coming days.