Pawan’s Bad Timing

Pawan’s blistering attack against TDP has shocked all – political analysts, people, TDP and Opposition YSRCP. Whilst Pawan has just reiterated the accusations, allegations made by Jagan against Naidu’s government, but what many is finding fault with Pawan is the timing of his attack.

At a time, the state is waging a war with the Centre against the injustice meted out to the state, and at a time even YSRCP and TDP are coming forward to unite forces to fight with the Centre in Parliament and even planning to move a No Trust Motion, Pawan’s sudden ‘soft’ corner towards BJP come as a huge blow to people who had a faith on the actor-turned-politician.

While TDP is yet to come to terms with Pawan’s sudden, scathing attack on its leaders, Opposition YSRCP is also startled in a way that anti-government votes would be divided among Janasena and YCP in turn may favour TDP, Naidu at the end.

Janasena Maha Sabha : Target TDP

Instead of reviewing Janasena’s political journey, its achievements, its shortfalls and to come up with a plan on its future course of action, Janasena’s Maha Sabha aimed only at targeting TDP, Chandrababu Naidu personally. Pawan’s criticism lacked objective as it became too personal, narrow, felt many political analysts.

In fact, Pawan has also failed to address internal party issues, stampede took place before Maha Sabha. Pawan has also read out his prepared speech and left out of the venue without offering any substantial promises to the people. This is not all. Pawan has urged people to vote for Janasena, despite not having any organized structure or any agenda.