Pawan’s Big, Breaking Announcement This Evening?

Ever since he raked up a political unrest with his speech at Janasena’s Guntur plenary a week ago, Pawan Kalyan has been maintaining total silence on the consequences. Apart from giving a few interviews to local and national media houses, Pawan refrained from responding to the TDP, BJP and YSRCP’s counter allegations.

But today, the Janasena chief is expected to make a huge announcement, if the statement of a Janasena leader is anything to go by. Naturally, all eyes are on Pawan and speculations are rife that Pawan may announce his fast-unto-death protest against BJP’s betrayal on AP special status.

Pawan, during his speech at Janasena’s Guntur plenary, said that he is even ready to sit for a fast-unto-death protest until the Modi-led BJP announces special status as was promised during the 2014 general elections. If Pawan indeed announces his move to sit for a fast-unto-death protest, it will revolutionize AP politics and also send shockwaves across the centre. On the other hand, this protest is no joke as Pawan will lose his credibility if he backs off in the last minute or follows a half-hearted approach which he is infamous for.

Of late, Pawan has been saying that he admired KCR steadfast and decisive leadership during the separate Telangana movement. In fact, it was KCR’s historical fast-unto-death protest that snowballed into a major mass movement and the result was the formation of separate Telangana. Can Pawan do a KCR? Will he keep his word and announce the fast-unto-death protest?