Pawan’s ‘Cameraman’ revealed!

Pawan Kalyan, Puri Jagannadh’s film title has turned out to be the discussion topic ever since it was first broken by the director on Twitter. Mixed responses are being heard about the title. ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ title is not going down well with Power maniacs. They are hoping for a powerful film in this combination.
Sadly CGR title sounds anything but powerful. However, there are other set of fans that are going head over heels over this title. They say that this is a path breaking title, which raises curiosity over the content of the film. They believe that it will set a new trend in Tollywood as the directors would start naming the films purely by the content and doesn’t bother about star’s image.
Keeping the reactions and responses aside, the suspense over the ‘Cameraman Ganga’ role in the title has been giving scope for fabricated stories. But the fact is Ganga in this title is none other than the heroine. Why is a female called ‘Cameraman’? Well, ‘Cameraman’ is the term used to define a person that handles the camera, despite the gender. Something like the word ‘Actor’, which is not gender specific.