Pawan’s Claims Turn Talking Point

Seeing crowds and people in large number, often leaders, actors and celebrities get carried away assuming the “Vapu” as strength and make tall claims in public meetings. Looks like, Pawan is no different. During his Visakhapatnam tour, Pawan in Madugula made a shocking claim which has now become talking point in political circles.

Claiming that he had played pivotal role in 2014 elections and got TDP the won. If this is not enough Pawan went onto claim that he single-handedly won the TDP in a few places where it originally couldn’t even get 1000 votes. These remarks of Pawan have come as quite shock. Many rational people are questioning Pawan’s logic that how TDP couldn’t get even 1000 votes in few places where the TDP wave was riding high. Especially post bifurcation, people of AP had wanted a senior leader like Chandrababu to handle the state that doesn’t even had a capital city then.

Pawan may want to take credit for TDP’s victory although it is not completely true, but certainly his statement that TDP couldn’t even get 1000 votes in some areas and only he got them more votes for the TDP is a lame joke for sure. Probably, Pawan needs more political maturity, say TDP leaders who are taking his comments lightly.