Pawan’s Comments Hurt Me – Lokesh

IT and Panchayat Raj Minister Nara Lokesh has been asked to respond to the allegations leveled by Pawan Kalyan. Responding to media’s question, Nara Lokesh termed Pawan’s allegations as baseless and doesn’t have significance to react.

Lokesh shot back saying that he has never met Sekhar Reddy and alleged back saying that they have started circulating a picture of his Planning Board member Peddi Ramarao as Sekar Reddy.

“Pawan had alleged that I met Sekar Reddy. The very next day, Pawan changed his words. Since he has no proofs, he changed his words. I have been raised with discipline by my parents. We never cross line. But Pawan’s remarks stating that I’m bringing bad name to my grandfather and Sr NTR have really hurt me. I’ll never ever do something that let my grandfather down. I may not bring a good name to him since he being legend. But I’ll never ever bring a bad reputation to him,” said an emotional Nara Lokesh.

Lokesh further shot back at Pawan Kalyan for his rating of 2.5 out of 10 to CM Chandrababu Naidu. “How can he rate a hard working Chief Minister, leader who has been working day and night for the state? How can he rate a CM who visited 29 times to Delhi for Centre’s help to the State?,” said Lokesh.

Looks like, TDP has taken Pawan’s remarks to heart and very serious. However, Pawan took it in a very lighter manner and clarified that he has made those comments which he overheard from ‘many’. Pawan himself admitted that he has no proofs against his allegations which in turn indicate that they’re ‘baseless’. On the whole, Pawan has scored a self goal.