Pawan’s Comments Have Pained Me Again : Lokesh

Nara Lokesh has responded on his alleged involvement in Sri Reddy’s personal abuse on Pawan Kalyan, his mother. Setting the record straight, Lokesh has denied all those allegations of Pawan outrightly. He added only time will tell everything.

Stating that Pawan’s fresh remarks on him have pained him again, Lokesh said he still has same respect towards Pawan.

“Pawan Kalyan garu, your comments have hurt me once again. Earlier too, you had made several allegations against me (in a public meeting) but you took U-turn by saying you had just repeated what you had heard from others. The personality of a man is developed over so many years and involves a lot of effort. I’m not such a mannerless person to make allegations against one based on someone else’s words,” wrote Lokesh.

“Only time will tell everything. I still have the same respect on you. Matrudevobhava,” added Lokesh. This response of Lokesh to Pawan seems to have come as a major blow to Pawan and Janasena. Pawan had alleged that Lokesh along with his friend Rajesh Kilaru is behind Sri Reddy’s abuse on Pawan.