Pawan’s creativity in Cameraman Repeats history ?

Pawan Kalyan’s only directorial venture Jhonny might have flopped, but we shouldn’t doubt his creativity. Karukaran always says that Toli Prema may not have been such a classic if not for Pawan’s inputs. His midas touch given to Thammudu and Badri played big role in the success of those films. Watch Tamil Kushi to know what Pawan has done to the original script to make it even better.
Jhonny’s failure is the reason why many started doubting Pawan Kalyan’s inputs and media has done so much mockery of it. The idea of sensational Antakshari episode in Pawan’s recent hit Gabbar Singh was given by Pawan Kalyan. From there Harish Shankar took it to the next level. We all know that Antakshari scene is one of the main assets for Gabbar Singh. If not for Pawan’s input, that legendary scene wouldn’t have been there.
Puri Jagan is one of the directors who knows this special talent of Pawan Kalyan. His debut film Badri had Pawan’s mark all over it. Those superb action episodes and the songs from that film were designed by Pawan himself. Puri is a firm believer of Pawan’s creative genius and hence asked him to do betterments for Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu script. Pawan gave few inputs and Puri readily added them to the final draft. Now wait for Pawan’s magical touch to repeat history!