Pawan’s Gabbarsingh fears with High Expectations

Films having high expectations can rest assured of a grand opening, but most of the times they would turn dangerous for the film’s prospects at box office. A film with high expectations should meet those to survive at the box office. Or else it would be rejected right on day 1. Even average content won’t help the film to stay afloat!
NTR’s Dammu is a prime example for over hype turning into the biggest disadvantage for the movie. This film was overly hyped by the makers and they didn’t try to lower the expectations at all. Audiences and fans expected this film to be a great visual treat, but Dammu was average at best. Had this film released with a minimum expectations, the response would have been different.
Racha was released amidst nil expectations and turned out to be an average fare. Audiences were more than pleased with that and made the film a blockbuster. The next big release Gabbar Singh is riding on high expectations like Dammu. So the film should live up to the expectations to satisfy the viewers. Or else Gabbar too will have to suffer the consequences of over hype.