Pawan’s GS Trailer is not up to the expectations ?

Pawan Kalyan fans are happy that Gabbar Singh audio has been received well by the general public. Despite the deja vu feel, the audio has the beats to entertain the listeners. Pilla and Kevvu Keka song are making enough noise everywhere. However, Power fans aren’t happy with Gabbar Singh as the theatrical trailer was very weak.
The taking looked pretty ordinary and the dialogues in the trailer are not up to the mark. Except for popular dialog from Gabbar Singh’s Thikka teaser, nothing is worth mentioning. Besides, Pawan Kalyan’s dialog delivery when uttering “Naa Thikkento Choopistha, Mee Lekkalanni telustha” was very weak. Even hardcore fans of Pawan are not impressed with this one.
On the other hand Dammu and Eega theatrical trailers were awesome and raising expectations on those respective films. But Gabbar Singh’s first 90 Seconds trailer turned out to be a disaster. Maybe cutting the trailer in hurry could’ve been the reason for this problem. It is high time that Harish Shankar comes up with a better trailer to increase the hype. Audiences nowadays are too clever and directors should think a notch higher than them to draw huge openings.