Pawan’s Lots Of Love For Nitin?

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan shocked everyone, including his fans, after attending the audio launch function of Nitin’s Ishq. Now there is buzz that he is releasing the trailer of Gabbar Singh with Ishq movie. Why is this sudden love for Nitin??
Generally, Pawan thinks twice even before attending the audio functions or any public events of someone from Mega family. He did something shocking by bonding with Nandamuri tiger Jr.NTR during the engagement of RamCharan. Afterwards, giving shocks became a part of Pawan’s dictionary and this ‘sudden love’ for Nitin is the first among them. There are lot of rumors doing rounds about this ‘love’. One of them is said to be Nitin’s father Sudhakar Reddy. Apparently, he is said to be the secret-investor in Pawan’s upcoming movie Gabbar Singh, where a majority of investment is done by producer Ganesh.
If sources are to be believed, the entire selling of the movie in Nizam area is handled by Sudhakar Reddy. Also heard that Pawan is collecting his share of remuneration through the rights of this area. Anyways, gossips are gossips and truth will be revealed when the movie releases!