Pawan’s Mega Confusion on Constituency Continues!

With general elections are fast approaching and just short of a year, Pawan’s ‘mega’ confusion on his constituency leaves his fans and party leaders worried. Although initially, Pawan had initially declared that he would contest from Anantapur, he later seems to have changed his mind owing to the ground reports that ruling party is much stronger in Anantapur district. Apparently, this seems to have forced him to rethink on his constituency and change his mind.

Rumours are abuzz that Kalyan would contest from Srikakulam and a section of his party leaders are also vouching for his contest from the district given that his only and only ‘achievement’ is the raising issue of Uddanam Kidney problem. His one-day fast and his wide campaign in the district under Porata Yatra also adding to strong rumours that he would contest from Srikakulam.

Meanwhile, speculations are also rife that the actor-turned-politician who belongs to Kapu community may opt from a safe constituency in East Godavari district where his community strength is high. And there is the much debated topic of Pawan contesting from his native place Palakollu where earlier his brother Chiranjeevi had contested in 2009 and lost to Congress candidate Usha Rani. Considering the bad experience from the past and also the fact that sitting MLA Nimmala Rama Naidu is very strong locally, Pawan’s close aides are cautioning him to stay away from Palacole (Palakollu). And there is also talk about Pawan contesting from Tirupati where Chiru had won earlier with great difficulty in a triangular fight.

Wherever the place he is visiting, Pawan declaring his love towards every place and is trying to strike an emotional chord with locals is now seen as his strategy. But considering the ground reality in politics, leaders should have their own constituency, either native place or an adopted one with strong hold.

Apart from all the above, the most vital and crucial aspect is one will expect huge majority from Pawan Kalyan when he himself is contesting for the first time in direct elections after working/thinking for so long. However, the prevailing situation raises doubts on possibilities for Pawan. Let alone other constituencies where no candidate is chosen by Pawan to contest, its high time for Pawan to at least decide on the constituency/constituencies that he would contest.

Given the situation, it is widely buzzed that Pawan would contest from 2 seats as a safe game. Let’s wait and see.