Pawan’s Punch to Jagan & Lokesh

Pawan Kalyan has directly hit at Jagan Mohan Reddy and dynasty politics. Although it may even apply to Nara Lokesh, who is following the footsteps of his dad Chandrababu Naidu, however, Pawan has played it very safe during his public speech. Read on to know what exactly happened.

Talking about the ideology and principles of Jana Sena Party, Pawan stated that his party is dead against to dynasty politics. Answering to a widely popular question that why Pawan opposes Jagan and why he won’t join hands with the YSRCP, Pawan said that he hated the idea of occupying throne after his father and legendary YSR passed away.

Pawan asked how can one claim the legacy in politics without proving on their own. Taking pot shots at Jagan, Pawan said how can one continue to use father’s name and his works to gain public support instead of proving own abilities.

When one among the crowd took Nara Lokesh name, Pawan made it clear that it is not about Nara Lokesh. Pawan categorically chose his words and said he doesn’t know Lokesh’s talent and added that Chandrababu has probably seen the ability of Lokesh. He quickly added that his father is no Chief Minister and he is son of a police man who started from a constable to assistant super-indent.

Pawan understood how his words would be projected against Lokesh and hence quickly covered saying that he was just referring only to his party’s ideology but not about any individuals.