Photo feature: Pawan kalyan rocking as PK!!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s new still from Gabbar Singh movie was out. This has been creating waves among Power fans as PK looks extremely handsome and rocking in this attire of bridegroom (pelli koduku).

If you’ve seen Dabangg, you can easily spot this scene where the protagonist attends his step brother’s marriage and shocks everyone by an unexpected act. Pawan looks simply superb in this traditional attire. Director Harish Shankar is doing the best he could to explore every positive aspect of Pawan in this movie. We have already reported that this film is going to be much better than Dabangg in all the aspects. Harish have done major changes to the script to make sure that Gabbar Singh hots bull’s eye.
If we look at this still from Gabbar Singh, we not only get a positive impression on the movie but also feel that there is a possible blockbuster in store for Pawan. Sometimes pictures do speak louder than words. Don’t they?