Pic Talk: 48 Yr Old Superstar’s 8 Pack


Bollywood Superstar’s always stand perfect examples when comes it defying their age to carve out a rusty six-pack look. Even after coming nearer to 50, stars like Salman, Shahrukh and Amir are busy pumping iron and cutting macho cut-outs that could take youths by a storm. Moving a step ahead, Baadshah SRK has beaten the completion again.

For his upcoming ‘Happy New Year’, Shahrukh sports an 8-pack washboard abs as shown in the picture. The 48 year old superstar feels that age is nothing when we have the desire to do something better on silver screen not just with acting but with good looks too. ‘I can be in a tub full of rose petals with ladies and in a 10 pack for a women director like Farah Khan’, he says. ‘Happy New Year’ releases on Diwali eve on October 24.