Pic Talk: Amy’s Naughty Translucent Treat

Earlier when the fashion world is emerging big time to newer and more western ways, models used to teaser onlookers with this neither opaque nor transparent kind of dresses. These translucent outfits later become a regular option for cinema heroines. And here goes the one and only Amy Jackson indulging in that.

Other day while chilling out in Rome, Italy, Amy has once again posed for a quick shot from her hotel room. And her enticing pose in a see-through bikini top is what did the unthinkable now. Apparently one knows what is visible right there and the comments on her Instagram account kept rolling, as to why this translucent treat is given.

While some say that it is an unintentional thing and Amy was unaware of it. Few say that she might have done it quite intentionally. Whatever it may, Amy has last night heated up the scene with her hot picture.