Pic Talk: Amy’s Overdose Stuns Onlookers

Trust this, if you are not following Amy Jackson on social media, then you are missing a lot of sexiness in your life. With every sizzling bikini photographs, she has been making the youth sweep of their feet with her hotness.

Giving sleepless nights to youngsters, she posted another bikini photograph which you shouldn’t miss. It’s a back angle shot in which she featured in a red bikini with almost revealing the sexy backside of her body. The picture was taken in Morocco. She posted the picture with a caption, “Overdose.”

And truly this is an overdose of hotness from the glamorous British siren as she stole the show with her ravishing curves with onlookers feeling degrees of centigrade raised. Also, the hottie stated that she will move to Morocco and will never come back, as she got smitten by the desert country.

She has a huge fan following for her sizzling photographs and quite active since the past few months. Cut to her films, other than 2 Point O, Amy is not having any big projects in her hand. But she feels that the release of this Rajnikanth and Shankar film will give her a huge break.