Pic Talk: ‘Bold’ Lady Writer Breastfeeding Infant

Conveying a bold message, Kerala based Mathrubhumi magazine has now come up with a bold cover for their magazine “Grihalakshmi”.

On the latest cover of the magazine, we could see a woman breastfeeding her infant with the message: Mothers tell Kerala, ‘please don’t stare, we need to breastfeed’. This is definitely a boldest ever cover in India we have to say as this happens to be the strongest message to men who are staring at women as sexual objects.

Many netizens are now taking to their social media pages to praise this bold move as a progressive and feminist thought. However, there is criticism as well that is doing rounds around this cover.

The cover page features the mother wearing a gold mangalsutra (nalla poosalu maybe) and wearing saffron on her forehead. Some ask, isn’t this picture talking about only those rich Hindu women and leaving women from other folds to air?

Featuring on the cover is none other than popular Malayalam writer and lyricist Gillu Joseph, and she’s still single.