Pic Talk: Bunny’s Son Turns Chittibabu

Apparently, when a film star comes up with a new getup, fans do imitate that. And now, one of the cutest mega fans is doing a Chittibabu act and he is none other than Allu Arjun’s adorable son Allu Ayaan.

While Allu Arjun left to the USA to shoot for the songs of Naa Peru Surya, his son here got dressed in a lungi and a towel around his neck to looking his favourite Cherry mama. Yes, he got dressed as Ram Charan from Rangasthalam and that picture is going viral now.

An excited mother, Sneha Reddy shared that Ayaan is a cute fan of Ram Charan and hence these acts. It looks like the youngster is also recording couple dance videos as a tribute to his mama and the video will be coming out very soon.

Well, within the family, with dad being a superstar already, it’s too cute to see Ayaan being a fan of another star apart from this father. It’s lovely!!