Pic Talk: Mahesh is original and kids are carbon copies!!

‘’Mai to Mere Paapa ki Carbon Copy…” Remember this hit number from Bollywood hero Salman Khan’s ‘Yeh Hain Jalwa?’.You will definitely remember this song after you seeing the above collage of pics.The song fits to the Tollywood for Gautam and Sitara, Prince Mahesh Babu’s celebrity children. If there’s one South Indian star who is the dream of every Indian actress, then he’s Mahesh Babu. 
Fondly called ‘prince’ by his fans, his followers stand testimonies to his popularity.The handsome hero have two beautiful kids Goutam and SItara. Gautam who made his debut screen appearance in Sukumar’s ‘Nenuokadine 1’ behaves just like his handsome father.Now his daughter SItara also joined in the competition and she is getting name of Female Mahesh Babu. 
A picture of Gautam ;Sitara Mahesh is doing rounds in the networking sites where the cute kids appears to be a carbon copy of Mahesh. What impressing many in the picture is sweet little Sitara doing the same of what her ‘papa’ does. She was exactly seen like Mahesh and her expressions are almost similar to her father.So many started calling her as Female Mahesh Babu…