Pic Talk: Mahesh’s Daughter Competes With Heroine

Though Mahesh Babu is interested to make his daughter a scientist, it looks like Sitara is getting all the style tips in order to become a heroine like her mother. Other day the way she flaunted her new hairstyle is quite interesting.

While Mahesh is working on Bharat Anu Nenu where director Koratala Siva is canning some crucial scenes with his hero and heroine Kiara Advani, Sitara rushed to the set. Wonder why? Actually, she got her hair straightened and wants to showcase it to her dad immediately.

After turning up on the sets, Sitara posed with Kiara and it looked like a competition between the lengths of hair of two actresses with a straightened hairdo. Looking at these pics, one could not resist asking, when is Sitara making her debut like the way Mahesh-Namrata’s son Gautham did it.

With Bharat Anu Nenu set for April 2nd week release, even the arrival of Sitara to the sets is becoming an interesting promotion for the film on the other side.