Pic Talk: That’s Mega Cousins Decades Ago

Today it happens to be the birthday of Mega hero Ram Charan and he’s welcoming that in style as his latest film is also going to release in next three days. On this happy note, some vintage pictures of the actor are doing rounds on social media now.

One of such pictures is, Ram Charan and Allu Sirish quite effortlessly posing before the camera in a studio decades ago. Sirish is just 2 years younger to Cherry and both have quite a superb bonding since childhood days. Many times Sirish is vocal about the brotherly support Charan gives and today he tweeted “Happy birthday to my favourite cousin, my well wisher, one of the most kind hearted and intelligent person I know. Have a great year RC bro” sharing this picture.

In the picture, we could see how Charan is posing stylishly while chubby Sirish is little naughty and also posing quite curiously. Probably back then, they would have already thought that they are preparing for a ‘hero’ character on the silver screen. But before talking about this adorable picture, let’s wish our very own Ram Charan on this happy day.

Many happy returns of the day Mega Powerstar!!