Pic: Two Legends In Single Frame

Christopher Nolan, an innovative filmmaker and screenwriter who has helmed several megahits, including Memento, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar and Dunkirk visited India to meet popular filmmakers in the country.Last night, Tamil superstar Kamal Haasan met Nolan in Mumbai where they discussed few things about Cinema. The Hollywood maker surprised Kamal saying he had watched Paapanasam.

Kamal tweeted, “Met Mr.Christopher Nolan. Apologized for seeing Dunkirk in the digital format and in return am sending Hey Ram in digital format for him to see. Was surprised to know he had seen Paapanaasam. 😊”Both being Kamal and Nolan cinema lovers and are known for making path-breaking films might have had great time together.

It is very euphoric to see two legends in single frame.