PM Rahul’s First Sign on AP Special Status

Ahead of the 2019 Assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh, the slogan of every party in the state looks to be ‘Special Status for AP’. It appears to be their major ‘promise’ to lure voters.

Congress, a party which has a rich history in the national as well as state politics, had to concede an embarrassing defeat in 2014 Assembly elections, primarily because of state bifurcation. Ironically, the party is now intends to use the same ‘bifurcation’ consequence – Special Status demand to get back into power in AP.

Sometime ago, AP PCC President Raghuveera Reddy claimed that the first thing that Congress President Rahul Gandhi would do is to grant special status to AP, ‘if he becomes PM in 2019’. The same statement has now been reiterated by party leader Chinta Mohan. He allegedly accused TDP and BJP of cheating AP people for the four years with the fake promise of special status.

Looking at the present situation of Congress in the State, political analysts say that party state leaders are either miscalculating the odds of Rahul becoming PM or intentionally trying to take the advantage of people’s disappointment at unfulfillment of special status promise.