Police Complaint Against Brahmanandam

In a rather shocking incident, a youth tried to register a complaint against star-comedian Brahmanandam. The incident came to light very late and here goes the story!
A person from Rajahmundry has complained to the authorities at Madhurapudi (Rajahmundry) Airport that Brahmanandam has slapped him in public. When the youth tried to click a picture of Brahmi with his mobile at the airport lounge, the actor worked out his hand reportedly. However, the airport authorities asked the person to register a complaint with the local police station and the local police redirected him to settle the matter with airport officials, again.
As the repeated bids of that youth to lodge a case against Brahmi foiled, some localities planned to register an SC, ST Atrocities case against Brahmi and dropped in the last minute. The whole drama looks completely cinematic and the actor is unavailable for comment.