Political Abusing Crosses All Limits Of Decency!

Political criticism in Telangana has crossed all limits of decency. When chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao himself has set a new trend in abusing the political rivals in a filthy language, it is nothing but natural that the rivals also use the same language to attack him.

Words like “Uccha poyadam” (pissing), Chembadka povadam (shitting) and Sanka Naakadam (Licking the arm pit) have come from the mouth of KCR in his last two public speeches, apart from regular abuses like “Durmargugu and Rakshasudu” and curses like “Thoo. Neeyavva, Mee Bathuku Cheda, Meeru Nasanamai Ponu,” which evoked loud cheers from the TRS workers.

Though Congress leaders have not resorted to such wild abusing of KCR, they, too, have used strong words.

Addressing the first public meeting of the party at Jogulamba Gadwal, PCC president Capt N Uttam Kumar Reddy strongly defended his remarks calling KCR a ‘batte baaz’ (cheater).

He said in Hyderabadi dialect a habitual liar and cheater is called a ‘batte baaz’ and the term perfectly fits for KCR as he has cheated all sections of the society during his four-and-a-half year regime.

“Not a single electoral promise has been fulfilled by KCR. Poor Dalits did not get three acres of land; Homeless people were not given double bed room houses; Promise of 12% quota for STs and Muslims remained unfulfilled; One job for every household proved to be a mirage and all other promises made by KCR proved hollow and fake. In fact, KCR is not only a batte baaz but also a dhokay baaz,” he said.

Accusing KCR of shattering the aspirations and hopes of people of Telangana from the new State, the TPCC Chief alleged that KCR and his family had lived a lavish lifestyle using public money.

“While poor people lived without a shelter, KCR constructed a palatial bungalow ‘Pragati Bhavan’ for himself on 9 acres of land by spending Rs. 500 crore of public money. Many people lost their lives after they were forced to travel in old RTC buses.

But KCR got a huge fleet of luxurious cars and a Rs. 7 crore Mercedez Benz bus for personal travel. KCR preferred to stay in his bullet-proof bathroom in Pragathi Bhavan than meeting common people in State Secretariat,” he said while adding that KCR would be remembered in history for his lies, laziness and lethargic attitude towards people.