Political Buzz: Eenadu To Stay Neutral?

The power of Ramoji Rao is evident from the fact that Amit Shah called on him personally during his visit to Hyderabad and discussed the political scenario.

With Chandrababu Naidu going hammer and tongs at the BJP with his army of media houses, Amit Shah apparently tried to bolster the BJP with the help of Ramoji Rao.

If there is any single individual who has stood as the backbone for the TDP and facilitated its rise over the years, it is Ramoji Rao. But, the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh has changed the dynamics completely between Naidu and Ramoji.

While Ramoji is extending generous support to KCR and the NDA and refraining from any scathing criticism of the Centre over the special category issue, Chandrababu is of the opinion that Ramoji no longer counts him among his priorities as the latter’s interests are hugely concentrated in Hyderabad.

Realising this, Naidu and Lokesh were seriously considering starting their own Telugu daily and news channel post-bifurcation.

If Eenadu also starts criticising the BJP over the SCS, it will be a fatal blow to the saffron party in Andhra.

But given Ramoji’s excellent relations with the BJP, Eenadu in all likelihood will stay neutral and confine itself to merely reporting instead of influencing the minds of the readers.