Political colors dividing tollywood!

Every individual will support one party or other during elections and forget it later. Except for the die hard supporters of a particular party, many get along with their work. even tollywood film industry used to be like that couple of decades back but everything seems to have changed.

Tollywood now has political colors with the top four to five influential families are associated with one or the other party. It all started with Legendary NTR entering politics starting his own party TDP. From then on Nandamuri family members are associated with the party except for Daggupati Purandreeswari who joined Congress and became minister of state for HRD at Center.
Mega Star Chiranjeevi planned to have his own party PRP but with his dreams dashed, he is also enjoying his honeymoon with Congress becoming Rajya Sabha MP. So all the mega heroes can be branded as congress supporters. Till recently Darsakaratna Dasari Narayana Rao used to be the Central Minister with Congress Party.
Collection King Mohan Babu used to be with TDP during the regime of NTR. However with his son married to YS.Jagan’s relative, he is now with YSRCP and recently he along with his son visited Jagan in jail. Though he denies any political leanings it is hard to believe that. Super Star Krishna couple of years back was with Congress during YSR’s regime and he benefited a lot.
Now that YSRCP is there he may be leaning towards the party. Same is the case with Rebel Star Krishnam Raju, Murali Mohan and others. Having political leanings is one thing and getting divided due to these leanings is another thing. WIth so many ego clashes and power houses, it is not surprising that tollywood’s demands are never met by political parties or the party that is ruling the state.