Politicians for Guinness Records

Political field and politicians are the only ones who did not feature in Guinness Book of World Records or any other records. None in the media or any organisation give awards for any politicians for breaking records. This is leaving many politicians rue their field as if any awards are instituted for politicians they are confident that all would be bagged by Indian Politcians and that too from the state of Andhra Pradesh, doing India proud. They cite the examples of how film makers are advertising success of their films and heroes and also highlighting collection records broken now and then by various films. Similar is the case where whenever sports persons create records, their names will be mentioned till eternity. These facilities are deprived for politicians.
Now politicians say they have decided to break records and enter into the record books. It seems many are inspired by TDP’s Chandra Babu Naidu who is making his workers to do something or the other and send it on his name to the Guinness Book of World Records. Congress is ruing the fact that when they are thinking of rewriting existing records in giving good governance all that is stopping only with promos and ads. Some who are watching and hearing the words of politicians say that if any they need any awards, they will surely emerge winners with out any competition in corruption and getting arrested while in power.