Politicians’ punching bag

None can predict how Politicians and Political Parties behave and when they get happy or angry over any issue. They change their colors like chameleon without even any one noticing them and when scribes and media question them or publish stories regarding their changing nature, they turn furious and vent their anger on them. This was noticed during YSR regime when he in the presence of Assembly sessions many times vented his anger on two leading dailies Eenaadu and Andhrajyothi. His anger was so much that he allowed his son YS.Jagan to start a publication and channel of its own ‘Sakshi’ which at that time used to be the mouth piece of Congress party. During that time TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu couldn’t digest any competition what so ever to his support media Enaadu run by Ramoji Rao. His closeness with Eenaadu and Andhrajyothi is well known. He became furious on Sakshi.
Now things changed dramatically after the sudden demise of YSR and with Jagan coming out of Congress, Sakshi started publishing dark secrets of Congress much to the chargin of the party. Now TDP media Eenaadu and Andhra Jyothi changed sides and started supporting Congress and its Govt’s policies. Congress realising the importance of a mouth piece media is planning to give go ahead to Mega Star Chiranjeevi to come with a channel of his own. Yesterday even TRS chief KCR also became furious on Andhrajyothi as it recently published stories mocking his statements about ‘T-Signals on Telangana’ from Center. He questioned how could useless media get to know signals rather than him. Even he started his own Channel and paper for the cause of Telangana. This shows even media is not apolitical and when they change their tack they will become politicians punching bag. None can complain in this scenario and people just watch and enjoy the amusement and free entertainment.