Politicians’ ‘Stuvartpuram’ links

Stuvartpuram location is extremely popular with politicians as well as tollywood film makers. Tollywood has always shown the place as notorious where dreaded criminals and villains live in and continue their operations unopposed. Sometime back even media reported that lot of criminals terrorized common people with their robberies and attacks. Now this area is back in news once again thanks to TDP leader Lingareddy.
He made a startling revelation that even the dreaded goons of Stuvartpuram, are getting scared after getting to know the acts of the ministers in CM Kiran Kumar’s cabinet. He even informed that the thieves are at their wits end on how to compete with the ministers against whom they are losing. However Congress which is the target of the attack hit back at TDP making fun of them.
They questioned how come TDP leaders know the feelings and mental conditions of Stuvartpuram goons unless until they have good contacts with them and are involved in dark deals with them. However people of the state are seen commenting that no notorious criminal can compete with even a debutante politician and as such politicians can take criminal classes to the goons on how to do crimes and walk away free from police and law. One is waiting to see the reaction of Stuvaratpuram criminals on the whole allegations.