Pooja Hegde’s Telugu Dialogues to be Kept?

Pooja Hegde is dubbing for her part in Telugu for the first time. She is speaking Telugu dialogues herself in Trivikram’s “Aravindha Sametha”.We have heard her Telugu voice in the lyrical video song promo of “Anaganaga Aravithata tanaperu”. Since then people have been commenting that her dubbing was not right.

Will Trivikram change her voice now or will he keep the same is the big question now. Trivikram has been experimenting in his movies of late.It was on his insistence that Pooja Hegde, who happens to be a Kannadiga, has agreed to dub her voice in Telugu though she is not fluent in the language yet.

However, Trivikram does not have much time on his hand to dub all over again. The film is gearing up for release on October 11 worldwide. After the final edit, he may ask her to dub some dialogues for better clarity, shares a source.

The film is produced by S Radhakrishna and it has already created a huge buzz as the audiences have been wondering if it will be a masala film, NTR style or an entertainer in Trivikram style.This is the last major big star movie this year, so there’s lots of anticipation about how Trivikram will treat the film!