‘Poola Rangadu’ heading for 40 Cr Mark!?

‘Wow’ will be the only word to express the commercial run of sunil’s ‘Poola Rangadu.’ Apparently film has got unique positive ratings from critics and a reviewer is geared to become one of the highest grosser of year 2012 till now. As per early trade reports, ‘PR’ is roughly known to have reached a mark of Rs.25 Crores gross in nearly two weeks. Remarkable feature is that revenues of the film are remaining sustained in all the centers. There is no significant difference between collections of ‘PR’ from third day to eighth day.
If same continues till the end of third or fourth weeks without threatening oppositions, sunil would definitely join the top league of mass heroes who end up collecting Rs.40 Crores for their average or hit flicks. Credit goes surely to unbiased verdict of Telugu audiences who embrace good films without showing any sort of favoritism.