Poonam Kaur Still Getting Trolled!

Poonam Kaur is firebrand actress. She has made lot of noise on social media with her angry tweets about a top director and of course she also made some sly tweets about Pawan Kalyan.The actress who has been dragged into Pawan Kalyan and Kathi Mahesh controversy has refrained extending the issue. However, her tweets made lot of buzz.

Around the same time, she got offer in “Srinivasa Kalyanam”, a mega TV serial “Swarna Khadgam” and an offer in a Hindi film.Busy with these projects, she stopped reacting to her earlier controversies and also didn’t write anything about the said top director in the recent past.So trollers also seemed to stop trolling her. But they didn’t stop says Poonam whose recent film “Srinivasa Kalyanam” also bombed miserably.

On the eve of “Krishnasthami”, she tweeted that she would release a special video that she did which is very dear to her. Probably the video is for Lord Krishna. But she has now said that she being trolled and blamed for no fault. Hence she will not be releasing the video.

She tweeted, “No matter …how much I work hard and no matter how much of good work I do with complete honesty… I am being trolled n blamed for no mistake of mine ,,,will refrain from releasing this video which is extremely close to my heart !!!”

Who is trolling her and for what?