Popular RJ Prateeka Turns TV Anchor

You might end up becoming an actor, a DJ or a VJ by hook or crook but it takes real talent and skills to achieve a celebrity status in that and a sizeable fan base. Not all have that aptitude. Right now, the focus is on one girl who began her career with the radio and is now entering the electronic media circuit. She is none other than Prateeka better known as RJ Prateeka from Red FM channel.
She carved a niche for herself through her distinct Telangana accent and her grip over Telugu, Hindi and English languages. Now, Prateeka has joined V6 News channel and she is hosting a show called Prateeka Show. 
Her job is to interview celebrities and she has getting a lot of following in this as well. Prateeka is quite popular in radio now that following has led her to build a strong base for her program as well. The main asset in Prateeka is her ability to deliver loads of fun with spontaneity and wit in her lines. This radio girl is sure rocking the TV circuit in a big way.