What For Posani Is Meeting Media Today??

And suddenly there is a mega call coming from Posani Krishnamurali saying that he wants to meet media people today afternoon at 2.45 PM. Whether the time is a muhurat or not is unknown, but one wonders why the maverick writer-director and actor is hurrying to Somajiguda press club for this rendezvous.

In the wake of Posani meeting YS Jagan recently, there are reports everywhere that the former Prajarajyam party star is joining YSR Congress. Ever since his exit from PRP, Posani turned vocal about the goodness of Jagan and his party. Though he is praising Janasena on one side, his heart went out for Jagan’s “fan” many times.

Also recently he made a scathing attack on Chandrababu Naidu during Nandi Awards controversy. Later he took to TV channels to throw satires on Andhra Pradesh government for not doing enough to get Special Category status. It was during a chat with this actor, a popular TV show host had bad-mouthed Film Industry’s actresses, calling them whores.

Does Posani want to clarify about his political stand today? Or he wants to give a clarity that his MLA ticket is confirmed from YSR Congress? Or simply he wants to meet the press to launch another wave of political attack on someone else? Let’s see.