Posani’s ‘Silk’ Acts Impressing Masses

Writer-director Posani Krishnamurali is proving his worth with each passing film as his characters are becoming key for entertaining-factors in the movie. Even in the other day’s release ‘Rowdy Fellow’, he played a vital role in delivering the much needed comic relief, breaking audiences into splits with his wonderful antics. Playing the role of ‘Silk’, a man who owns a theatre in rural Kolleru region that plays only adult movies, Posani simply rocked the screen. 
From costumes to body language, he maintained a unique. At the same time he delivered dialogues softly, slowly and wittily this time, bursting our bellies into laughs. It seems like slowly he is taking the position of Brahmanandam with his standalone comic sequences in many of recent movies. Masses are getting connected with this ‘Raja’ and distributors are now requesting film makers to cast Posani to bring that commercial value to the movie.