Power of Mass Cinema – 90 Crore Rupees!


Tamil superstar Suriya is showing his star power with his upcoming film Anjaan which is dubbed in Telugu as Sikinder. Anjaan makers have already made 90 crores on this film as per trade analysts. Here is the breakup of pre release business figures of Anjaan/Sikinder.

Tamilnadu distribution rights – Rs. 38 crores
Overseas – Rs. 10 crores
Karnataka, Kerala & Others – Rs. 7 crores
Satellite and Music Rights – Rs. 17 crores

Andhra Pradesh & Nizam rights – Rs. 15 crores
Satellite Rights – Rs. 3 crores

Sikinder Telugu dubbing rights were bought by Lagadapati Sridhar. He has already made very good profits on the film. Anjaan is directed by Linguswamy who is known for making successful mass masala movies. This film’s business is sheer power of a mass cinema. This is the reason why makers are inclined to making mass movies compared to any other genre.