Power star avoids Allu Arjun !

The talk about split in mega family is gaining heat by the day. Pawan Kalyan bunking the audio event of Racha and the covering that Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan gave for it only proved the gossips right. Here is another instance where Pawan Kalyan deliberately avoided meeting his nephew Allu Arjun, when he attended the movie launch of Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu.

Allu Arjun was present at the CMGR launch, but Power star didn’t bother to meet or greet him. Arjun was not seen in the photos where Pawan Kalyan was present. Media was not invited to this event and only selected photos were sent to the publications along with a press note about the launch. One of the photos has Allu Arjun stepping out of his car. Other than that he was not seen in any other pictures.

It’s been a while since Chiranjeevi and Charan attended Pawan’s movie events. Allu Arjun is playing a clever game in staying away from PK. You should have heard of his ‘cock and bull’ story about being struck in traffic jam, the reason he told for not attending Panjaa audio launch. Now either he should have arrived late to the CMGR launch or Pawan might have avoided meeting him despite his attendance. Whatever maybe the reason the split in mega family is being exposed with every mega event.