Power Star risks for promise!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan showed once again that he is the man of words and will do anything for that even if it means risking his career with a failure. He gave a break to Bandla Ganesh with Gabbar Singh which turned him into a top producer. Similar is the case with Harish Shankar.

Now when Gabbar Singh sequel was announced, many thought that Pawan will settle for Harish Shankar. But to everyone’s surprise he gave the chance to Sampath Nandi. Buzz is he promised Sampath long time back and he gave the chance even though he was not impressed with the story narrated by him.

Sources say after Racha, Pawan promised Sampath to do a film with him and till now Sampath couldn’t ready a script to the liking of Power Star. But Pawan gave him the chance liking his sincerity and his own media prepared script for the film.