‘Power’ tensions for Rajamouli !

Director Rajamouli, who hasn’t yet tasted a failure in his career spanning over a decade, is under tremendous pressure for his upcoming film Eega. Rajamouli had to live up to his reputation as well as hit bull’s eye with Eega to get back the huge money spent on it. That won’t be as easy as it was in the past because Eega doesn’t have a star to pull the crowds to the theaters.
Besides, Eega should not face tough competition from the films that are releasing ahead of it. One of the biggest threats for Eega is Gabbar Singh. This film is releasing twenty days ahead of Eega, but if it strikes the right chord with the audiences, a Power star film can do lot of damage to the films that follow.
Rajamouli has been very busy with the post production work of Eega at the moment, but is still going to watch Gabbar Singh on the first day. Rajamouli says he too found it tough to get Gabbar Singh tickets and had to satisfy with the Prasads big screen tickets. He booked around thirty tickets for the first day first show of Gabbar Singh. Let’s see what Rajamouli’s take on Gabbar Singh is. Wait for his tweet review!