Powerstar’s Power on Social Media

Pawan Kalyan has bid good-bye to acting but his popularity has not diminished at all. On the eve of his birthday today (September 2), the social media saw millions of messages. As per Twitter trends, he has received nearly 8 million tweets related to birthday wishes in just 12 hours of time.

#HBDJanaSenaniPawanKalyan #HBDPSPK #BDPowerstar these hashtags have been trending from last night Twitter making Pawan Kalyan one of the most trending stars in South Indian.

The Jana Sena leader has been effectively using Twitter as tool of communication. His fans and his followers are also very active on social media. Among political parties in Telugu states, both YS Jagan’s party and Pawan Kalyan’s party have highest number of followers.

Pawan Kalyan even created huge army for social media as well.