Powerstar’s ‘Real Hero’ Acts helping poorer!

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is one hero who has an immense fan base among all groups of society. This hero is now widely discussed in Film Nagar for his ‘real hero’ acts.
According to few folks, the other day when the shooting of ‘Gabbar Singh’ has taken place at Annapurna Studios, an interesting thing happened. An old woman came running to Pawan seeking his support for the sake of her ailing daughter who is on hospital bed. Sources revealed that Pawan gave her a cheque of 50,000 rupees immediately and called Apollo Hospital to admit the girl and treat her with his expenses. While the whole unit looking at the scene kept their faces high and proud for their hero’s mighty acts, Pawan looked quite normal. Later it is revealed that the lady is none other than ‘Paavala Syamala’, who acted as Sangeetha’s mother in the film ‘Khadgam’. This incident is an example of Pawan’s love for social service and his concern for the poor and needy.
Though the authenticity of this story could not be checked, fans are over whelmed with the mighty acts of their favorite hero in ‘real’ life.