Prabhas is the ‘Power Star’ after Pawan Kalyan!!

Power star Pawan Kalyan and his fan following needs no introduction. Similarly, his power at the box office and the demand for his movies need no introduction. But there will come a point when Pawan will have to step aside and make way for a suitable replacement. Who will that be?
Well, some of the cine folks say it is going to be young rebel star Prabhas. Among the new age heroes, it is only Prabhas who has a strong connect not just with the masses but also with the family audience and lady audience. Moreover, he is not bound by any caste related fan following as he has fans from all communities.
Just like Pawan, Prabhas has also developed a distinct body language and dialogue delivery which is quite unique. Moreover, the macho factor and ruggedness Prabhas has drives the front benchers crazy. What remains to be seen is whether Prabhas has the charisma that Pawan has. What are your thoughts on this folks.