Prabhas serious on Lawrence !

For any film to be successful, the first important thing is proper understanding between the hero and the director. And if it involves a big hero then the equation should be more perfect. And Tollywood has one guy who does high adrenaline roles onscreen but is Mr Coolest off the screen.
But what happens when such a man loses his cool. That seems to be the case with Prabhas. Sources say the rebel star who has been maintaining a dignified silence over the unending delay of his movie ‘Rebel’ finally breathed fire. Many say that the key reason for the delay is director Lawrence.
They state that due to his ego and moody nature, the shoots got cancelled constantly. But still, Prabhas has been quiet. However, unit members reveal that recently he reached the saturation point and literally raised his hand on Lawrence. Knowing his warm and affectionate nature, it came as a major shocker to many especially Lawrence. So now, it is heard that Lawrence has pulled up his socks, promised Prabhas that film will be wrapped up quickly. That’s Prabhas for you folks!!