Prabhas Troubling Directors?

There is no denying that Prabhas is a Darling – of fans, friends, co-stars and filmmakers. But, it is heard that his newly attained pan-India hero status is troubling his directors.

With Prabhas becoming a pan-India star after Baahubali, it has become a compulsion for the makers of his new films to make the films catering to nationwide audience. The directors who had earlier written stories for the ‘Telugu hero’ Prabhas are now facing the pressure of converting them to suit the image of ‘pan India star’ Prabhas.

This is the precise reason why Sujeeth of ‘Run Raja Run’ fame had reportedly kept developing the script of ‘Saaho’ over a period of three years. He had to rewrite the entire script, each time enlarging the canvas. But, despite so much pre-production work, he is still fumbling while making the film, say reports. Handling a Rs 200 Cr project and making it as a pan India film is understandably a huge challenge for a director who has made only one film, with Rs 5 Cr budget.

Prabhas’ next film, an untitled project in the direction of ‘Jil’ fame Radha Krishna is no different. This one film-old director has also been reportedly asked to develop the already locked script to suit the sensibilities of Hindi audience too.

Probably, it is wise on Prabhas’ part not to target national market with all of his films. In this process, he may neither satisfy Telugu audience nor impress nationwide audience as some scripts can’t transgress nativity borders.